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LEGENDARY LOOKS. Embodying our “less is more” design approach, the new MINI Cooper is all sleek lines, clean surfaces and balanced proportions. The new MINI Cooper's captivating presence is defined by its iconic front design with short overhangs, octagonal front grille and round LED headlights. It’s MINI from any angle. But with a new aura for a new era. An agile, compact silhouette, longer wheelbase, and larger wheels lend it a more modern look.

    NEW RIMS FOR YOUR NEW WHEELS. Our alloy wheels radiate confidence while reducing our carbon footprint thanks to their lightweight design and use of recycled aluminium.
    STYLISH AND SUSTAINABLE. FOR YOUR COMFORT. With our new textile aesthetics we want you to experience a genuine feeling of warmth and well-being inside your MINI. The fabric is made from high-quality, recycled materials and knitted with a unique 2D technique. It offers a luxurious tactile experience, and more design options and serves as the perfect canvas for projections in different MINI Experience Modes.
    PARK LIKE A PRO. Driving in the city is a breeze now that Parking Assistant comes as standard. It’ll find a spot for you and then smoothly manoeuvre into it at the touch of a button.
    READY FOR ALL CITY SITUATIONS. The new MINI Cooper constantly monitors your vehicle’s surroundings to ensure your safety.

    • Lane Change Warning helps you stay on track
    • Dynamic Cruise Control keeps your speed constant
    • Optional Active Cruise Control regulates the distance to the vehicle in front
    • In the event of a possible rear collision, rapidly flashing hazard lights are activated
    TAP INTO THE MINI APP. Get closer than ever to your MINI with the MINI App. Tap into a world of connections and convenience from anywhere and at anytime using your smartphone. Its modern design, intuitive operation and extensive range of functions make it smooth to use enabling you to enjoy carefree mobility – anytime and anywhere. What's more, MINI drivers with compatible devices can now use the MINI App as a digital key to unlock and lock their MINI, and much more.
    DIGITAL KEY PLUS. You can now open your MINI just by getting closer to it. The optional Digital Key Plus uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology with a high safety standard and works in just the same way as a traditional key fob. So if you are nearby, and your phone is in your pocket or a bag, it will unlock your MINI automatically – and then lock it again when you leave. Moreover, you can share the key with your family or friends via simple text message.
    model details. Take a closer look at the new MINI, And please do touch.
    ICONIC INSIDE. Inside, the design is clean and focused, just like the original classic Mini. Whatever you require can be accessed through the OLED display, five toggle switches or optional Head-Up Display. The iconic, 240 mm centre display in high-quality glass is both your instrument cluster and your onboard infotainment and assistance hub. It’s also the first circular OLED display in the world.
    YOUR URBAN COMPANION. Turn the city into a playground with the original icon. The new MINI Cooper has been fine-tuned for extra-exhilarating handling, especially in Go-Kart Mode. Designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the new MINI Cooper slices through the air making your drive more fuel efficient.
    EXCITING INNOVATIONS. The new MINI Operating System 9 opens up a new, intuitive user experience. Thanks to the exquisite OLED touchscreen and your voice-activated MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant, you can enjoy more control, connection and personalisation than ever before.
    RECYCLED FABRICS AND TEXTILES. The dashboard and armrests in our doors are now fitted with a quality knitted textile made of recycled polyester yarn. Following an innovative process that turns over 90% of recycled polyester fibres into a 2D flat woven fabric, we then use this textile for the knitted parts of the dashboard and the door panels. The process uses around 98% less water than cotton, and it reduces CO2 emissions by around 80% compared to conventional polyester processing.
    TAKE A LOOK AT THOSE LIGHTS. With a striking new triangular design, the rear lights provide an extra dose of individuality and charm.
    IMMERSIVE MINI EXPERIENCE MODES. Each MINI Experience Mode has its own distinctive design, ambient lighting, and soundscape so you can redefine your cockpit's look and feel whenever you like.
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    THE LINEUP. Explore the full MINI Cooper Lineup

    MINI Cooper C 3-door
    156 PS (115 kW)
    0 – 100 km/h: 7,7 s
    TOP SPEED: 225 km/h
    MINI Cooper S 3-door
    204 PS (150 kW)
    0 – 100 km/h: 6,6 s
    TOP SPEED: 242 km/h